Filing your tax return is super easy. With PRSoft's MyPRTax you get:

  • Deduction and credit maximization.
  • Employment Credit (2019 tax return, if you qualify).
  • Automatic Schedule CO calculation: the program tells you if you benefit from completing this schedule. This way you pay less or maximize your tax refund.

For tax year 2019:

  • FREE UNTIL JULY 15, 2020
  • E-File your 2019 Planilla Unica tax return. Use the download button below to download and install MyPRTax.
  • Claim your Federal Additional Child Tax Credit or pay your Social Security for self-employment completely on-line by visiting My1040PR 2019.

For tax year 2018:

  • 2018 Planilla Unica tax return available for $19.99.
  • Electronic filing not available as required by Hacienda.
  • Only available for paper filing.

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